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Kayak Pool Sessions in Eaton Rapids

Join us at the Eaton Rapids Middle School Aquatic Center Saturday afternoons for open pool time and Classes.

Courses  include: Kayak Fresh Start, Kayak Rolling, Happiness Upside Down, 30 Second Kayak Rescue and River Kayaking classes.

We also have kayak pool classes in Brighton, MI

Eaton Rapids sessions include:
Whitewater Kayaking Essentials
Happiness Upside Down
Kayak Rolling
Bracing and 30 second Kayak Rescue
Open Pool time

Whitewater Kayaking Essentials $200.00  4 sessions covering everything you need to know to get started in the exciting world of whitewater kayaking plus a day on the river when things warm up. March 9, March 23, April 13, April 20 Register Now

Happiness Upside Down $40.00. If you are going to learn to roll or even be relaxed about putting your boat on edge, being comfortable being upside down in your boat is essential.  We’ve developed a great progression to get you feeling relaxed and unconcerned about being upside down in your kayak.  We will move along the progression at a rate that makes you comfortable.  For some it may take just a few minutes but for many it may be a full pool session.  Once you’re happy capsizing and hanging out there for a few seconds, you’ll be in the best place to learn the roll. The class is 2 hours long but participants are welcome to spend the last half hour of the pool session practicing on their own.  March 9 Register Now

Kayak Rolling $40.00 Rolling is on almost every paddler’s “want” list.  There’s not much about rolling a kayak that you will figure out on your own, so learning from a coach that can guide you through a progression is the fastest way to get a roll. Our group rolling lessons are a great way to get started as you’ll have time to rest between one on one sessions with the coach and you’ll be able to learn from observing your fellow student.    January 20  Register Now  March 9Register Now  March 23 Register Now ,  April 13 Register Now

Bracing & 30 Second Sea Kayak Rescue  $40.00 Learning how not to capsize is an essential skill for any paddler, we’ll look at several techniques for staying upright.  Can you get someone back into a dry touring kayak in under 30 seconds?  If not, let us help you become safer, faster and more efficient in assisted rescues.     January 20 Register Now, March 9 Register Now, April 13 Register Now

Open Pool $25.00 Play and practice on your own   January 5 Register Now     January 20 Register Now ,  March 9 Register Now  March 23 Register Now ,  April 13 Register Now

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