British Canoeing (formerly BCU) BC Week at Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium was the original BC Week in the nation, starting back in the 1990’s and continuing until the mid-2000’s. BC Week at GLSKS has hosted some of the sport’s luminaries including, Howard Jeffs, Nigel Dennis, Roland Woolven, Dale Williams, Bill Lozano and many more.  The tradition continues!

The 2018 Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Symposium BC Week includes:
BC Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (FSRT) Sunday July 15, $125.00 Register Now
BC 2 Star Training Monday July 16, $125.00 Register Now
BC 3 Star Training Tuesday July 17, $125.00  Register Now
BC 3 Star Assessment Wednesday July 18, $125.00  Register Now
BC 2 Star Assessment Sunday afternoon July 22 (after GLSKS morning session), $50.00 Register Now

Register for all 5 programs and save $100.00 Complete BC Week $450.00 Register Now

There are no prerequisites for any of the BC courses but you should have flatwater boat handling and rescues established before doing the 3 Star course, which you will have if you participate in the FSRT and 2 Star Training.

BC 2 Star Training incorporates single bladed disciplines (canoes and paddleboards) and double bladed disciplines (whitewater kayaks, and sea kayaks).  It is a foundational skills course that emphasizes safe, efficient and effective boat control.  For those wanting to take the assessment it will take place on Sunday July 23 so participants have the week to refine and practice their skills during the symposium.  
BC 2 Star Syllabus

BC 2 Star Training Notes
BC 2 Star Assessment Notes

The FSRT, Foundation Safety and Rescue Training
course is the most valuable of all the BCU courses because it deals with real world rescue scenarios of a variety of paddling craft.  We’ll be rescuing sea kayaks from canoes,  whitewater kayaks from paddleboards and every combination in between.  FSRT is also one of the prerequisite courses for becoming a BCU Level 1 Coach.

BC FSRT Syllabus
BC FSRT Course Notes

BCU 3 Star Sea Training is all about taking our refined flatwater skills and applying them to the bouncier waters of Lake Superior (or one of the inland lakes if the Big Lake is TOO big!).  We’ll work on towing, rescues and boat control on the open water.  The 3 Star Assessment requires a separate fee payable to Paddlesports North America for candidates that want the 3 star certificate.  If you just want feedback on your paddling via the assessment process and don’t want the 3 Star certificate, there is no extra fee.  The BCU 3 Star Sea Award is one of the prerequisites for attending a BC Level 2 Coach Training

BC 3 Star Sea Kayak Syllabus
BC 3 Star Sea Training Notes
BC 3 Star Sea Assessment Notes






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