British Canoeing (BCU) 2 Star Training is all about boat control in flatwater in both kayaks and canoes.  BCU 2 Star Training is the perfect course for those looking to refine their paddling skills or who have a goal of taking a 2 Star Assessment. We’ll cover the full range of skills required to be successful at the assessment.

If you don’t have an interest in assessing for the 2 Star award, the 2 Star Training is an awesome course to fine tune your control of your kayak and canoe.

BC 2 Star Syllabus

BC 2 Star Trainers Notes
BC 2 Star Assessment Notes


The BCU redesigned their system in 2008 to be focused on long term paddler development and to be more paddling centric and less discipline specific.  The BCU recognized that to develop the best paddlers, students need exposure to a variety of paddle craft.  Almost everyone who works on the canoeing skills “because they have to” comes out as a firm believer in both the plain fun of canoeing in it’s own right but also in the enormous benefit to their kayaking from the transferable skills learned in the canoe.

BC 2 Star Training at BC Week at Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium July 17, 2017 $125.00 Register Now



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