September Courses

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INTRO TO PADDLESPORTS $125 Level 1-3 3-7pm 9/5 and 9/12 Register Now
This 2 day course is without a doubt THE best way to start or improve your paddling. We will be playing on, in and around Kayaks, Canoes and Stand Up Paddleboards. The idea is to develop a foundation of blade and body awareness to apply to any craft.
Venue – Lake Lansing

Kayak Fresh Start  $60.00 Level 1-3 September 13, 9:00 – 12:00   Register Now,  September 15, 3:00 – 6:00   Register NowSeptember 26, 5:00 – 8:00   Register Now Kayak Fresh Start is for those with some prior kayaking experience but with little or no formal training.  We’ll build off what you already know and refine it and add to it to make you a more efficient paddler in greater control of your kayak. If you want to paddle further with less effort, turn your kayak with ease or move sideways effectively then Kayak Fresh Start will get you going.

BCU FOUNDATION SAFETY and RESCUE TRAINING (FSRT) $125.00  9:00-5:00pm 9/6 Register Now
FSRT is one of the most valuable courses offered in the BCU system.  It is all about rescuing all types of paddlecraft from all paddlecraft.  We’ll be using sea kayaks, recreational kayaks, canoes and SUPs.

BCU 3 STAR SEA AWARD TRAINING $125.00 9/7 10:00-5:00pm 9/7 Register Now
The 3 Star Training prepares participants to be competent members of a lead group in conditions we often find on the Great Lakes.

KAYAK QUICK START $60 Level 1 3-6pm 9/7 Register Now
An introduction to the sport of kayaking. We will cover boat selection, getting in and out, basic control strokes and safety. Venue – Lake Lansing

KAYAK ROLLING $60 Level 1-4 6-8pm 9/8 Register Now
The one skill we all wish we had on lock down…and should. If this is your first attempt or you need refining, we can help.
Venue – Lake Lansing

OPEN WATER RESCUES AND TOWING $60.00 Level 1-3, 5:00-8:00 pm  9/10 Register Now
If you’re paddling farther from shore than you want to swim then rescue and towing skills are essential. We’ll develop a variety of techniques for self and group rescues and work on the most effective methods for towing a kayak.
Venue: Lake Lansing

DISCOVERY TOUR $75 Level 1-3 1-6pm 9/14 Register Now
These trips are a great way to experience all aspects of a kayak or canoe journey. We will look at the process as a whole and tailor to the needs and skills of each group.
Venue – Grand River

RIVER RESCUE 1 $75 Level 1-4 10-2pm 9/15  Register Now
Learning how to rescue yourself in a moving water environment. We will cover swimming in the river, reading water, hazard identification and basic safety awareness. ALL members of your group should take this course.
Venue – Huron River

PICTURED ROCKS FALL COLORS $325 Level 3-5 9/19-21 Register Now
Experience one of paddling’s top destinations at its best….no bugs, no people and unlimited amazement.
Venue – Grand Island and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

RIVER RESCUE 2 $75 Level 2-4 9/24 Register Now
So now we look at how to manage your gear and your groups stuff in a rescue environment. Basic boat handling skills in current and self rescue required. Group dynamics and some rope work will be introduced.
Venue – Huron River

INTRO TO MOVING WATER 1 $60 Level 1-2 2-6pm 9/30 Register Now
Looking at the river in a whole new way. Boat handling, hazard awareness and solutions, moving in and out of mild current and safety. Everyone needs these skills, plus it is FUN! Venue – Grand River

ACA TRIP LEADER AWARD $195.00 Level 2-3 9/27-28 Register Now

9/4, 6-9pm on the Grand River Register Now
9/11,Register Now  9/25 Register Now 6-830pm Lake Lansing
9/6 3-6pm MSU Sailing Center Register Now

Find out why this is the fastest growing outdoor sport. Guaranteed to make you a better kayaker! Yes, kayaker.

LEVEL 1 – Little to no experience, open to learning.
LEVEL 2 – Ability to control your boat on flat water. Move sideways, forward, turn, stop and reverse. Comfortable in water. Some exposure to rescues.
LEVEL 3 – Add wind (10-15 knots), waves (1-2 feet) and/or current (Class I-II). Still smiling, comfortable and able to rescue yourself or your group.
LEVEL 4 – Kick it up another notch and add some solid navigation skills.